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WC 2016 Section Leaders

Flute   Ms. Janet Poisson  
Double Reed   Mrs. Christine Kvarnberg
Clarinet   Mr. John Roman
French Horn   Ms. Mary Berry
Saxophone   Dr. Charles J. Trupia
Trumpet   Mr. Marty Zavadil
Trombone   Dr. Michael Williamson
Euphonium/Tuba   Ms. Charlotte Hill
Percussion   Mr. Brian Holt

WC 2016 Ensemble Leaders

Swing Band   Mr. George Sinnott  
Dixie Land Band   Mr. Randy Abernathy
German Band   Ms. Chris Griffith
WC 2016 Staff Contacts
President   Sally Craig
Treasurer   Darrell Craig

Please feel free to contact your leaders for more information. Just click on the name and an email link will connect you.

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